Great Reasons to Choose Satellite Television For Your Home

If you have been shopping for televisions or just keep up with technology, then you have heard about the LCD plasma television, but do you truly know anything about it? The concept of a plasma screen has been around since the mid-1960s with scientists in a college computer lab creating a very rudimentary model for the display of computer information. samsung led tv 32 inch full hd

Although originally designed in 21-inch televisions, plasma televisions showed many advantages over the then-popular projection screen televisions, including brighter pictures with very little distortion when viewed from the side. The popularity of plasma televisions quickly grew along with the screen size and during their first years on the market dominated the over-40-inch monitor business. Plasma technology could be designed easily for screens 37-inches and larger and the market was rocked with the introduction of a 103-inch screen in 2006.

Without a big and bulky tube inside of it, the LCD plasma television is typically less than 50 pounds, depending on the size that you purchase. Because it is so light, you can even mount it on the wall which frees up shelf or floor space. However, you must make sure that you mount the plasma television on a wall stud for the strongest anchor. The plasma television offers cinema-like quality with its widescreen ratio, an aspect of 16-9, but it is also adept at displaying smaller ratios too. In facts, many of the plasma televisions have an automatic picture resizer which will zoom in and out depending on the aspect ratio of the picture quality.

The flat screen of a plasma television is great in that it greatly reduces distortion of the image displayed, something that was a problem with CRT screens. You have a wide viewing angle without the picture becoming distorted and the screen has a remarkable, even brightness in the picture quality.

Another advantage of high definition plasma televisions, is they are already set up for digital images as well as sound, making them ideal for use with surround sound systems. The 13:9 aspect ratio of plasma televisions also allow for a better theater-like experience for in-home viewing of movies. Plasma monitors also have a better dark room black level that makes black appear real black instead of a dark red or brown found with many LCD televisions.